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Frequently asked questions and answers

1. How can factoring help me in my business?
If you have a good customer to whom you sell goods or services with postponement of payment up to 180 days, then factoring is the solution to your problems in the field of short-term financing. By selling the invoice to PBZ Faktoring it is possible within a very short time from the signing of the contract documents to receive an advance and so create a financial bridge for current liquidity, working capital and other operating costs.

2. How does factoring work?
After signing a factoring contract, financing is carried out by immediate payment of 70 to 90 percent of the value of the invoice (advance) into the seller’s account, less the factoring fee. The remaining 10 to 30 percent of the value is paid after maturity or after the debt is paid by the debtor, less the factoring interest, calculated on the amount of the advance.

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3. What is the advantage of factoring in relation to financing through short-term loans?
The advantage of financing by means of factoring is that in factoring the credit worthiness of your customer is initially tested, whilst with a request for a bank loan, the bank examines your credit worthiness, with specific insurance instruments. A further advantage of factoring is the quick payment of your invoices to improve liquidity of business, credit capacity and credit worthiness and the profitability of your business. Using factoring reduces your credit risk in business with your customers and increases the profitability of your operations.

4. What do I have to do if I want to use factoring as a means of financing?
To begin, it is sufficient to send us a list of your customers to our e-mail: faktoring@pbz.hr. It is recommended that you contact us and arrange a meeting with our professional staff who will explain how factoring works and draw up the best solution for factoring in line with your business needs.

5. How quickly can factoring be realized?
If you arrange basic factoring on the revolving principle, that is factoring on an annual basis, then you can receive payment for an invoice with PBZ Faktoring in a very short time from signing the contract.
Of course, before arranging factoring, on the basis of your inquiry or request we will analyze your business operations and the business of your customers and we will draw up an indicative offer for factoring for you. This indicative offer will be available within an average of 5 working days.

6. How often will you inform me of the state of purchased receivables?
Thanks to eFaktoring you can check on the state of your receivables and advance payments online, over the Internet, wherever you are and at any time. You can also examine the payments of fees and interest and print them out for the needs of your accountants. At your request the balance and calculation can be sent to you by fax or post.

7. We are active exporters and interested in export factoring.
As a member of the largest world association of factoring organizations (Factors Chain International – FCI), we make it possible to purchase your invoices sent to foreign customers according to the standard conditions for export factoring. This means that in certain situations we can make possible the purchase of the invoice without recourse (financing and insurance) by which we guarantee payment on the due date.

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